About Princeton Partners

Princeton Partners is composed of an excellent multicultural team of professionals in the fields of Graphics, document preparation, Chemistry, Computers and other academic fields.

We are incredibly good at what we do. However…

For all of our accuracy and closeness to the genuine article, these diplomas and other credentials are not real and  are sold solely as a novelty or as theatrical/movie props  and we neither encourage or condone their miss-use. Therefore we do not assume any responsibility arising from the use of these items for improper purposes.

All Our Certificates are intended for fun, decoration and self esteem purposes. They make a beautiful addition to your home decor and or office and should never be used for fraudulent purposes.

When you purchase our services, we will never ask you what you are getting these documents for and we don’t really want you to tell us. If you do, we will not listen, hear or care what you say and just concentrate on the part of what you’re saying that concerns the job we do for you from a technical approach to the way we treat the paper and how we are going to go about achieve the goal of giving you the best possible replica documents that money can but for personal use and/or theatrical purposes. We assume good will.