Document Aging

We are now offering a Document Aging Process Option to our customers.

This is a must for any replica documents that are 10 years old or more. It makes all the difference between a document having that “straight off the press” look and it has that “venerable” look that comes with use and the passage of time.

Our proprietary aging process is now a 3 Stage Process:

1-  A Chemical Process

2-  Mechanical Wear

3-  A UV Exposure Treatment

This treatment takes 3 days and ages a document anything from about 2 years to about 40 years or more.

This is a diploma straight off the press

Straight off the Press
After the Aging Process

This is the same diploma after aging it 31 years

The cost of this service is advertised on the Services Page and is per document.  

They Look Incredible!!!

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