In this section of our FAQ Page we will list the most common questions that have come up several times and we feel will be helful to have posted here.

In our subsequesnt pages we have included actual questions that some of you may find of interest. We have left the text unaltered so you may find some spelling mistakes and errors on the part of the authenticity of these records.

Most Common Questions

How much does your service cost?

That depends on the level of replica that you need…

If it’s a diploma, it is safe to assume that you are going to need some extras if you want a perfect replica, such as signatures with the real names and sometimes a custom embosser with the name of the school. Plus shipping (We only use DHL International Express) 

You can usually work our a rough estimate yourself by looking at our product list and adding it up.

Whenever possible we try to make reproductions from originals and shy away from templates as second best to an original.

I have an original diploma I would like to sell. Do you buy diplomas?

Yes, We certainly do. that’s how we aquire originals to make reproductions from.

How long does it take to finish a project?

Usually about 2 weeks.

Other companies give out samples, do you give out sampleas of your work?

All the samples that we have to give out are already on the website. We don’t give out any more sampleas than that. We buy the diplomas we make replicas from and that means a very considerable investment on our part that we have to protect.

Is expediting available?

Yes, see Our Products Page for details

I haven’t seen anyone else that can age a diploma, Can you age documents?

Yes, we can, so long as we produced them in the first place.

I have seen other companies on the web that charge a lot less money. How do you explain that?

The Graphics Industry and in particular our very specialised niche of Movie Industry and Museum Quality Reproductions, is very much a field where you tend to get what you pay for.

It is just not possible to offer true excellence at bargain basement prices. Therefore if you see on the web what looks like a bargain basement price or something that’s too good to be true, regardless of what you are told, you will most definitely get what you paid for if you are lucky to get anything at all.

We offer the highest end product and it is aimed at the higher end of the market that needs the accuracy and attention to detail that we are able to offer.

When we offer you a quote, we will most likely quote you for the best work that we can do, which does not mean that we can’t cut some corners for you if you need us to work to a budget. However, if your budget is below what we consider below our standards and in our opinion, we think you wouldn’t be happy with the work, we will tell you so. 

We have No Unhappy Customers.

How do we pay you?

Our preferred option is direct wire transfer to one of our affiliate offices. Failing that, we take Western Union and Bank Checkes in Euros